More Light Painting Fun

We headed out to Malabar the other weekend to shoot those funky bunker graffitis.
Brought our whole set of light painting tools:
Torches, celophane, more torches, neon lights, electric luminescent lights, hair spray…

Hair Spray…?
Yes, and a lighter.

Makes for a perfect little flame thrower. Every boy knows that, right? 🙂

Brent went inside with it and gave the rusty window a cooking.
This shot is layer-blended out of 8-9 exposures. One for the outside lighting, one for the inside lighting (each floor one exposure), one for the burning window,…

A photography like that can take you 2 hours easily. It is amazing how time consuming night photography is. Especially the kind that we are doing. This is good though, it makes you think about your composition a lot more. The only problem is, when you come home and you really wish you had tilted the camera just a tiny notch more, or zoomed just that little bit more out. Oh well, there is always another day 🙂