• Abandoned
    An abandoned British research station on Stonington Island in Antarctica
  • Harbour Dusk
    The daily buzz on Sydney Harbour is always a joy to experience.
  • Mona Vale
    View from the headland to Mona Vale Pool.
  • Antarctic Night
    Midnight in Antarctica and mirror-like reflections.
  • Neko Harbour
    Sunrise over Neko Harbour in Antarctica.

Archive for May, 2010

Professional Surf Photography

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Our local surf photographer here in Sydney has just been displayed on magicseaweed with a collection of his best shots from the Mentawais – an island group in Indonesia, world-renowned for it’s surf breaks.
Uge, the owner of aquabumps.com takes most of his shots right in the water with an aqua housing. Over the years he has become so proficient with it, that he now takes some of the best surf shots, I have ever seen.
Usually you don’t get to see his shots in large unless you visit his gallery. However for the plug on magicseaweed, Uge cranked out the med. res files and it is a true joy to look at them.

Click here to see the gallery
Check out Uge’s website aquabumps.com. Make sure you subscribe to his daily newsletter – whether you’re into surfing or not, his photos are gorgeous!

Photoshop CS5 first impressions

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

With Photoshop now shipping and the 30 day free trial available on the website I decided to give it a quick spin.

Firstly it looks very familiar to what we have all become used to. If you used CS3 or CS4 you will be right there.
We are talking 64 bit now, so most plugin producers will have to release compatible versions for it. Shouldn’t take long though.
Whilst the new warp function is not of much interest to me, I am really digging content aware fill. It gives a whole new range of possibilities, which in particular landscape photographers will know to appreciate. It also solves big issues when stitching panoramas.
Will talk more about it once I have thrown a few images at it.

Here is a not-so-serious video of one of Adobe’s biggest fan: