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Go Pro Action Sports Footage

I am a huge fan of adventure sports and for many years part of this is a tiny little HD camera in a water and shockproof housing which captures the action right there and then. It’s name is GoPro Hero and over the years there have been many many amazing videos that amateurs took out there in the wild. Go Pro goes into the 3rd round with their latest camera model and the clip below shows some amazing footage.
Not exactly photography related, but I enjoyed the clip so much, I thought I’d share. And no, I do not have any affiliation with this (or any) company.

Making of Mona Vale Pool

I got a few questions regarding my Mona Vale Pool processing and I uploaded this 10minute video to show you.
There was another shot that I wanted to process from the same morning, so I caught two birds with one stone and recorded the processing which was very similar to the previous one.
Anyway here it is. I hope you find it useful.

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